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  • 23.05.2010
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The ocean bottom

The seabed is the bottom of the ocean. Contents. 1 Structure. Depth below seafloor. 2 Sediments. Terrigenous and biogenous; Hydrogenous and. Other articles where Ocean floor is discussed: undersea exploration: Exploration of the seafloor and the Earth's crust: The ocean floor has the same general. Want to climb the tallest mountain on Earth? First you will need to climb into a deep ocean submersible and dive almost 4 miles under the surface of the Pacific . Sep 27,  · In , microbes were discovered at the bottom of the ocean. They dated back to the Jurassic era when dinosaurs were alive. What makes this the strangest thing ever recovered is that the microbes were alive, and not only that, they have been alive for 86 million gifporno.info: Jay Adrianna. Published today, this is the most detailed map of the ocean floor ever produced, using satellite imagery to show ridges and trenches of the earth’s underwater surface even for areas which have. Biogenous material is the sediment made up of the hard parts of sea animals that accumulate on the bottom of the ocean. 3.) Hydrogenous sediment is the dissolved material that precipitates in the ocean when oceanic conditions change, and 4.) cosmogenous sediment comes from extraterrestrial sources.
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