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  • 09.04.2010
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Local recurrence breast cancer

Some doctors believe that local and regional breast cancer recurrence share many of the same characteristics, so they may use the term. But having recurrent breast cancer is far from hopeless. Treatment may eliminate local, regional or distant recurrent breast cancer. Even if a. If a new tumor grows in the breast that was already affected by cancer, it is called a local recurrence. If the breast was removed, the new tumor. We aimed to identify risk factors for mortality after local recurrence in women treated for invasive breast cancer with breast-conserving surgery. Our prospective cohort study included women who were treated with breast-conserving surgery at Women’s College Hospital from to and who Cited by: Sep 18,  · For some women, breast cancer may come back after treatment – sometimes years later. This is called a recurrence. Recurrence can be local (in the same breast or in the surgery scar), regional (in nearby lymph nodes), or in a distant area. Cancer that is found in the opposite breast without any Last Revised: August 18, Local recurrence means that the cancer has come back in the same place it first started. Regional recurrence means that the cancer has come back in the lymph nodes near the place it first started. Distant recurrence means the cancer has come back in another part of the body, some distance from where it started (often the lungs, liver, bone, or Last Revised: February 12,
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