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  • 28.04.2010
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Sexy vore stories

Explore the vore stories collection - the favourite images chosen by vore pics. deviations. 0 comments · sexy pics. deviations. Explore the Vore stories collection - the favourite images chosen by had plump boobs, a huge chubby belly, about pounds, and a sizeable and sexy rump. Story about Emily and her boyfriend Dust (may chance his name if i find one more But the story is so amazing and sexy even without the pics!. You and a captain fought them off single handedly. This is where your story of sex and vore begins. There are many paths to choose and you could even survive the journey. After I complete this story I will probably create another interactive that will continue your story . ST. Sacrificed to SnakesDave Martin. MF; MF+/mf; capture; bond; drug; sex; mast; climax; snake; swallow; digest; soft; cons/nc; X ; The ShowerEnVeloper. Solo. Nov 04,  · The sexy vixen’s tongue pushes you to the roof of her mouth. You then hear the sound you had been dreading all this time: Very nice story for your first vore story, I would like to start making some vore stories of my own soon Ish, it's my 2nd fetish next to .
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