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  • 24.01.2010
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How to freeze duck breasts

Duck breasts, sometimes called "magrets," taste somewhat like tender, red meat when roasted. Although many people save duck breasts for special occasions. Is there a certain way your suposeto freeze duck breast so they taste as load 6- 8 breasts in a gallon bag and cover them with water to freeze. So my question is, does freezing the breasts in water preserve the meat water with all the venison, honkers, ducks, fish, turkey and what not. Since fresh duck is not readily available everywhere, some duck lovers must rely on frozen birds. Poultry must be cooked thoroughly -- a tough task when your duck meat is frozen. The first step in frozen duck preparation is defrosting. You need to have time for thawing and allow the duck ample time. Nov 15,  · As everyone knows, using ziploc bags without a vacuum sealer leads to freezer burn so I am looking into better methods to preserve the duck breasts better. Looking at vacuum sealers, the ones that are $$ get crappy reviews on amazon and Cabela's, while the $ ones get good reviews - but that is a lot of coin to drop on a vacuum sealer. Duck Breasts - Ready to Cook All "Buy Online" duck products are delivered frozen. Max. quantity per order for Duck Breasts is 8 pkgs; Trim is 6 pkgs (combo with Ground Duck).
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