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Vagina hole size

A woman's vagina is a sex organ as well as part of the birth canal. Just as women can have different sized breasts, hands, and feet, the size. Does size matter for women? WebMD discusses whether vagina size might have impact on female sexual pleasure. The diameter of the opening of the vagina decreases when a woman becomes aroused and her genitals swell - engorge - just like men’s penises swell (engorge) when they become erect. The length of the vaginal canal also decreases. When a woman is fully engorged, there is no open space. What about the effects of childbirth on your vagina? While multiple childbirths can have an effect on the vaginal musculature elasticity, regular childbirth does not make a woman’s vagina permanently loosened. On average it takes around six months for a woman’s vagina to tighten up to its original size. May 06,  · Usually the front size of the vagina is narrow and measures around 1or 1 1/2 inches when the vagina is relaxed and the walls are collapsed to each other. The inner size increases in the diameter as we go deeper. How ever the size of the vagina increases after child birth, and during sex due to the elasticity of the vaginal muscle. Apr 27,  · 8 Ways Every Vagina Is Different. By Gina M. Florio. Labias may be the least talked about part of the vag, and there is barely any research done on the average size of women's vaginal lips.
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