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  • 01.04.2010
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What to expect after anal sex

As more couples explore anal sex, understanding the risks, rewards, and proper using your hands or a toy, be sure to wash thoroughly after anal sex. what you'd like to do and how, you can enjoy this experience together. Sure, talking openly about anal sex isn't as gasp-worthy as it used to be, but many aspects of doing it in the butt are still shrouded in. Below, you'll find 13 common anal sex questions and their answers. 34 Pregnant Women Weeks 7 to What New Symptoms Do You Have? .. Since your anus will likely remain expanded for a few minutes after anal sex. Nov 17,  · Practicing vaginal sex after anal sex can also lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections. Jun 17,  · Learn how to enjoy anal sex with these easy tips from someone who's been there (and likes it). gifporno.info Health & Wellness Love & Sex. 25 Tips to Enjoy Anal Sex . Nov 22,  · You may have small tears in your anal skin or sphincter. If you're not seeing any blood, just keep pooping normally with as little pushing/straining as possible until it no longer hurts to take a normal poop. Don't have anal sex again while it still hurts to normally poop. If you do see blood, it should stop over a period of hours to days.
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