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  • 24.02.2010
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Exotic becomes erotic

Focuses on Cornell University psychologist Daryl Bem's theory of sexual development which explains same-sex attraction as a result of gender-nonconforming behavior caused by temperament determined by biological factors. How non-conforming children may perceive peers of the same. Psychol Rev. Apr;(2) A critique of Bem's "Exotic Becomes Erotic " theory of sexual orientation. Peplau LA(1), Garnets LD, Spalding LR, Conley. Arch Sex Behav. Dec;29(6) Exotic becomes erotic: interpreting the biological correlates of sexual orientation. Bem DJ(1). Author information. Although biological findings currently dominate the research literature on the determinants of sexual orientation, biological theorizing has not yet spelled out a developmental path by which any of the various biological correlates so far identified might lead to a particular sexual orientation. The Exotic-Becomes-Erotic (EBE) theory of sexual Cited by: Two critiques of D. J. Bem's () "Exotic Becomes Erotic" (EBE) theory of sexual orientation are presented. First, the core proposition of EBE theory is considered; that is, the idea that adults are erotically attracted to the gender-based class of peers (males or females) who were dissimilar or unfamiliar to them in gifporno.info by: Start studying PS Final Exam Chapter 5. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Bem's "exotic becomes erotic" is a theory explaining. PS Final Exam Chapter 3 37 Terms. elleinad PS Final Exam Chapter 10 48 Terms.
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