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  • 17.01.2010
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Artemisinin breast cancer

As the first-line drug for the treatment of human malaria, artemisinin and its derivatives (Fig. Antitumor Activity of Artemisinin on Breast Cancer. In this study, several cancer cells demonstrated susceptibility to the compound, including breast. Artemisinin is a chemical compound in a traditional Chinese herb called Artemisia annua, or sweet wormwood. Artemisinin is a compound derived from the sweet wormwood plant, which practitioners of Chinese medicine often use. The Artemisia annua plant may have anticancer properties. Artemisinin for cancer is a relatively new cancer treatment method. Although some studies already proved its positive effects on some prostate cancer and breast cancer patients, more studies are still needed for it to be considered a legitimate cancer treatment method. The constituents artemisinin and artesunate have been studied as anticancer treatments. In a recent safety study in advanced breast cancer patients, oral artesunate as add-on therapy was well tolerated, although it was determined that regular audiological assessments should be included to . Dec 14,  · Researchers are studying artemisinin, a malaria treatment, as a cancer treatment. Read about research findings and side effects of this alternative gifporno.info: Kiara Anthony.
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