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  • 17.03.2010
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Flo rida apple bottom jeans song

"Low" is the debut single by American rapper Flo Rida, featured on his debut studio album Mail The song makes references to a "Shawty" in a club who is wearing Apple Bottom jeans and boots with fur. "Shawty" also wears baggy sweat . AZ gifporno.info - Song Lyrics & Soundtracks from A to Z Shawty had apple bottom jeans (jeans) [Lyrics from: https:/gifporno.info]. If you're familiar with the song, you know that the lyrics feature T-Pain on the hook , if shawty had both them apple bottom jeans AND the baggy The girl Flo Rida sings about in Low was wearing apple bottom jeans, boots. Flo Rida Lyrics "Low" (feat. T-Pain) [T-Pain:] Mmmmmmmm Let me talk to 'em Let me talk to 'em Let it rain Mmmmmmm Let me talk to 'em C'mon! [T-Pain:] Shawty had them apple bottom jeans (jeans) Boots with the fur (with the fur) The whole club was looking at her She hit the floor (she hit the floor) Next thing you know Shawty got low, low, low. Oct 09,  · “Low” is the debut single by American rapper Flo Rida, from his album Mail on Sunday. it was also the soundtrack to the film Step Up 2: The Streets. In Flo-Rida's song "Low" he states that Shawty is wearing the apple bottom jeans, the boots with the fur AND the Reeboks with the straps, what is she some kind of four legged morph woman? In all honesty I'm not surprised the whole club is looking at her Snag some dankness at gifporno.info from Facebook tagged as Apple Meme.
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